Viggo B MagiQ * Heartbeat

Mare SWB

Born on
May 16, 2020

Ciqala is a beautiful SWB palomino mare who joined us from her native Sweden on May 22, 2022.

She has everything of the modern sport horse with its marvelous palomino dress. 

Ciqala is a Viggo B MagiQ's (Vivaldi K * Maloubet de Pleville) filly, a young 7 years old stallion who starts the 130 class in 2022. He is an easy horse to ride, but he is an excellent competitor once on the track, clear round in his first two 130. Horse to follow!

Her mother Chablis NG (Heartbeat * Levantos II) is a granddaughter of Heartbreaker that we do not present anymore. She even made a few competitions before being put to breeding.

Her third mother, Chamina by Robin I Z, produced three horses that ran in the 150s and above.

Ciqala's 5 generation pedigree includes no less than 13 horses that have performed in 140 and above.

We hope to breed Ciqala in 2023 for one or two foals, then she will be put to work.

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